Fight of Gods’ first major tournament will be at Revolution 2017

By on September 12, 2017 at 7:00 am
Fight of Gods Revo 2017

And lo, it came to pass that the holiest of champions would wage glorious battle! Announced by Rice Digital, PQube and NGI today, Revolution 2017 will be the site of the first ever Fight of Gods tournament. You’ve seen the infinites, 100% combos and incredible jank that is possible within the confines of Training Mode — now it’s time to see it on the big stage.

The tournament will take place on Saturday 7th October, with top placers winning exclusive Fight of Gods prizes. An arcade stick blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury perhaps? Or maybe a pad made from a fragment of the True Cross? If you’re looking to prove yourself as a godlike player, Revo 2017 is the place to prove it.

Sign-ups are still available for Revolution 2017, with entry to the Fight of Gods tournament costing 30 pieces of silver £5.

Source: PQube

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