Eighty Sixed promotes their BlazBlue product line with this new Makoto cosplay video: “Alexandrite”

By on September 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm
eighty sixed makoto cosplay thumb

BlazBlue’s amazing squirrel girl comes to life in this cosplay showcase video.

Continuing their new trend of promoting their merchandise via character cosplays, Eighty Sixed has released this new Arc System Works-approved video featuring cosplay of everyone’s favorite hyperactive demi-human Makoto Nanaya (as portrayed by FlyingOctophant).

Eight Sixed’s collection of BlazBlue-themed keychains and T-shirts (many of which feature the squirrely brawler) can be seen here.

Eighty Sixed previously launched their latest Street Fighter V Dhalsim T-shirt design with a similar promotional cosplay video, Mandala.

Source: Eighty Sixed

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