Combos, kara throws, & random power-ups: Discoveries from early copies of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

By on September 12, 2017 at 9:00 am

Even though its official release is still a week away, more than a few players have gotten access to early copies of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite through stores breaking street dates. A few of these players took to the internet to stream or share their findings about the game.

Below, you’ll find some interesting bits of tech, as well as more than a few combos from some players who’ve been putting their time in their early copies. The most active of these has to be Splyce’s Filipino Champ, posting videos on Twitter.

One of Champ’s findings is that Haggar actually finds power-ups when using his new barrel special. These will either give him super meter or gem meter when he picks them up. Sadly, it seems that there’s no life-giving turkey to be found under those barrels.

Of course, Champ has also put in the work for Dormammu — the character he was most known for in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. First up is this combo that utilizes multiple spells, including his floating bomb super, to keep it going.

Additionally, he’s found a Power Stone combo that uses its damage-boosting Infinity Storm to kill off Zero, one of the lower health characters in the game. This use of the Power Stone seems to be the way to create UMvC3-like touch-of-death combos in the game, and Champ has challenged players to try to find other touch-of-death combos on Zero via the #ZeroMustDie hashtag on Twitter.

Speaking of Power Stone combos, fLoE has also been working on one, this time using a combination of Thanos and Jedah. Now while we don’t know if it’ll make FChamp’s challenge, we do know that it does a decent chunk of damage on Ultron, who presumably has more life than Zero.

TastySteve on the other hand has showcased what Zero can do with a short combo video that he posted on Twitter. The combos here include a corner-to-corner combo that only uses 1 stock of meter, but does about 60% damage on an opponent with full life.

Honzo Gonzo also got himself an early copy of the game and was streaming it. One of the things he was exploring was the “bullet hell” that Morrigan can generate, this time using the Time Stone’s Infinity Storm, exploring how much damage it can do if the opponent gets caught not blocking.

Meanwhile, on Bum’s stream it has been discovered that Thanos has a kara throw involving his command throw. This gives the command throw in question dangerous range.

Finally, BROKENTIER’s Clockw0rk, who was also streaming the game, demonstrated a combo that seems like it will be the go-to bread-and-butter combo for Strider, with some additional damage by Gamora at the end.

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