Become a certified bear trainer with Hurtbox TV’s combo breakdown for Tekken 7’s Kuma

By on September 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm

It’s easy to undersell Kuma (and Panda) in Tekken 7. The character has a larger hitbox then normal, allowing some much higher damage combos on their frame. The damage output from these bears also isn’t quite as high as it is with some other members of the cast. What’s the justification for playing as them, then?

Some of Kuma’s combo starting tools have mighty hitboxes and, in some cases, not a tremendous amount of risk. Some great examples of this are F+1+2 (-12) and Kuma’s Uf+3,4 hopkick (-11). Kuma also has some great counter-hit fishing tools, such as  SS+1+2 and easy to hit confirm DF+1,2,1,2.

Source: HurtboxTV

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