Tension Pulse: Mynus battles HarlockSwag, and MechaMacGyver faces Omi in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

By on September 10, 2017 at 10:00 am

The next episode of Tension Pulse is nearly upon us, and with it, a fresh set of competing Daredevils willing to show off their best. In this next instalment of the streamed Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 exhibition series, you can expect to see some exciting first-to-seven sets from players ready to showcase characters of choice.

We have one player returning from past events, and that’s Mynus with his impressive I-no. He’ll face FNM|HarlockSwag’s Potemkin, so after the REV 2 changes, which have turned the matchup on its head, it will be interesting to see how it plays out! We’ll also see Omi’s Elphelt face off against MechaMacGyver’s Haehyun. Your guess is as good as mine!



On the match: “I think the exhibition will be a good opportunity to showcase what I can do as a Guilty Gear and Potemkin player. I hope that it will also bring some more light to the Toronto anime scene as a whole.”

On his opponent: “I think Mynus is a strong I-no player and probably one of the best in North America. Before REV 2, the matchup of I-no vs Potemkin was pretty bad I felt, due to “Chemical Love” hitting Potemkin even on crouching. However, with the recent changes, I feel he has as much of a chance as any other character. Looking forward to the match!”

On his own playstyle: “I feel that my playstyle is similar to that of any other grappler players in any fighting game. Due to limited mobility, being able to make the right reads as well as finding openings to the opposing players’ blockstrings and approaches in neutral can turn the game around in an instant. Instant Blocking is one of my favorite mechanics, and I do the most of it because it gives me a feel of how my opponent likes to pressure as well giving me Tension resources to work with throughout each round.”



On the match: “In REV 2, this matchup became a little bit more nuanced, and in turn harder for I-no due to functional changes that Potemkin received. His new crouching animation affects poking him from 3/4ths screen with HCL, and some crouching confirms from max range as well. His ability to hold Flick is also a huge boon when dealing with HCL; as a countermeasure you’ll see more approach from the neutral position from me, using I-no’s new vertical dash movement to attack Potemkin from angles I couldn’t do before in REV 1.

All in all, I believe this MU is almost even now, with I-no having a slight advantage because of movement and 663 VCL YRC. Something like 5.5 in I-no’s favor.”

On his opponent: “ I haven’t heard of, nor seen HarlockSwag play before the announcement of the exhibition, but according to our resident NYC Potemkin beast Shine (TSB Shine, not OG|Shine who likes to break stuff) he is incredibly skilled and strong. Of course, I will be training a bit with Shine, and going over some training regimens to deal with a long set in this MU. Not trying to lose fam, really not. If I can control his movements and score an early knockdown without using meter, that round can end real quick in my favor. Obviously though, if you play Potemkin, you’re either really dumb, or incredibly too smart for your own good. I hope HarlockSwag is the latter.”

On his growth since the last exhibition: “Since the last exhibition vs. my brother Doren2K in March, I’ve been training in Japan at Mikado arcade for a month and a half during April-May, playing all of the best Japan had to offer. During KSB in Osaka, I was really close to beating Omito in pools, which was a huge confidence boost, and later came back to Tokyo to one-character-victory some teams (including GF) at Mikado when I teamed up with one of my favorite I-no players and friend, Turio.

Coming back to the US, alongside the NY homies Sway, Makotofox, and Blaze, we have taken over the TSB tournament circuit. In addition to running TSB weekly now (three Fridays and one Saturday each month), we’ve brought the brand to multiple tournaments on the EC so far this summer. This new view as staff, a tournament organizer, and Japanese translator has given me a new focus in the FGC which has helped me become more disciplined as a player.

I hope this focus will translate to me putting on a good show for everyone!”



On the match: “As someone that doesn’t get a ton of chances to travel I’m excited to have the chance to show a style of Haehyun that’s a bit different from what’s en vogue :^).”

On his opponent: “I’ve watched footage of Omi play in Norcal and do well which speaks to his strength as a player given the killers that area has given us. My experience vs. Elphelt I would say is pretty fleshed out thanks to having NerdJosh as a training partner as well as regularly running sets vs. Vevion and Munsu. I don’t want to come off as overconfident since every Elphelt is dangerous in their own unique ways, and I’m well aware I could run into a wall of shotguns and rifles.”

On his own playstyle: “I think my own playstyle is very centered around reading my opponent and trying to overwhelm them before they can react. I believe Jam is a very linear character, so to make up for that, I like to incorporate hard reads and gimmicks into my gameplay to keep my opponents guessing.

Coming from a 3S background (where I was a low mid tier hero) I try to play in a way that emphasizes the strengths I’ve developed from more than a decade of fighting stressful match ups. I seek to make the most from individual hits by confirming into knockdown and creating stressful situations where the opponent has to worry about the three-way guess of high/low/throw. I’m also at home with using defensive system mechanics to surprise and frustrate the opposing player. I’ll be looking to get a read on how Omi plays and reacts from the very first ‘Let’s Rock’ and from there I hope keep Elphelt caged.



On the match: “First, I am very glad that Tension Pulse invited me. I didn’t expect that. I’ve been getting ready for the coming matches. I think the exhibition is a good chance for many players to dig more about certain match-ups. I’m excited to play on Sunday.”
On his opponent: MechaMacGyver, I know he’s Socal (correct me if I’m wrong), I think EL v KU match-up is in Kum’s favor. I also talked to Foo about this MU as I lost to him in the United Norcal Dogfight. I am ready and look forward to playing him.”
On his own playstyle: “My Elphelt is, many said, aggressive. I consider myself a rushdown type of player. Once I got the knockdown I have many ways to do okizeme. That is usually the pattern. Once I get the oki-knockdown loop, match-up doesn’t matter anymore.”



Catch the next episode of Tension Pulse live on Silva_hime’s Twitch channel. The first set, between Omi and MechaMacGyver, starts at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT/7:00 PM PT. Following that, Mynus will fight HarlockSwag. As for the commentator stations, nobodyexe and TheArm will grace the matches with their insight.

Looking to catch up on the last episode of Tension Pulse? The last episode included hectic matches between four players:

Source: interviews; Silva

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