Mitchel explains the reward-based meter building system of Pokkén Tournament

By on September 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm
gardevoir pokken tournament charge blast

So often, you hear complaints that too many fighting games give giant rewards for “losing”. No one wants to have their secured victory stolen by a comeback mechanic, after all. (Until they are the ones that need a comeback, of course!)

Those looking for a meter system that rewards the winner might be interested in the way Pokkén Tournament does things, as Mitchel explains.

The entire purpose of winning Pokkén’s Field Phase is to score its massive meter reward. While Pokkén still does reward the loser with a small amount of meter, this demonstration makes it clear how disparate the gain is between the two. Couple its natural reward with critical hit-only combos in field phase, and you have a system that massively rewards knowledgeable, intentional manipulation of its system by skilled players.

Source: Mitchel

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