Menat’s orb and V-Trigger glitch can cause CPU opponents to stop attacking in Street Fighter V

By on September 10, 2017 at 3:00 pm

As Street Fighter V‘s fifth Season 2 DLC character continues to make waves with players, a strange glitch involving her crystal ball has surfaced that allows the “Eyes Of The Future” to cause her AI opponents to stop all attacks against her.

Looygi has discovered that, when facing CPU foes, placing the crystal ball with Menat’s Soul Sphere will cause her computer-controlled adversaries to immediately cease all forms of offense. Instead of attacking, they will simply begin shimmying forward and backward around the stage. However, once Menat retrieves her ball with Soul Sphere: Ankh, the computer will immediately snap right back into action and resume fighting.

This strange phenomenon can also occur when Menat activates her V-Trigger, Wisdom Of Thoth, which summons six additional orbs around her body that are individually tied to each of the six attack buttons. This will cause the same ceasefire effect with the computer until all 6 orbs are released, which will then snap them back into the fight. Looygi tested all of this against a Zangief set at CPU Level 8, noting that this glitch works best at higher difficulty settings.

For those wondering if this can be utilized to breeze your way through Survival Mode with Menat, looygi said the following in the video’s comments. “Yes it does [work in Survival Mode]. The problem is that it works better on higher difficulty, but in Survival the CPU level is kind of random. So you can use this bug on Survival too, but it’s still not going to be easy to complete.” You can see the full video demonstrating the glitch below.

It will be interesting to see if Capcom patches this out when the final Season 2 DLC character arrives later this year. Give us your thoughts on this strange glitch in the comments below.

Source: looygi

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