2GGC: Fire Emblem Saga is coming to the Esports Arena from October 14th-15th

By on September 10, 2017 at 11:00 am
2GGC Fire Emblem Saga

Announced during West Side Saga, 2GGaming and Esports Arena have announced that Fire Emblem Saga will be the Fall season finale for the 2GG Championship Series. As it is dedicated to Nintendo’s tactical RPG, 2GG is looking to invite as many Fire Emblem character mains to compete in the penultimate Saga before the actual 2GG Championship. So far, the confirmed invited players are:

  • MKLeo (Marth, Corrin)
  • Pugwest (Marth)
  • Mr. E (Marth)
  • Ryuga (Corrin)
  • Ryo (Ike, Roy, Corrin)
  • Cosmos (Corrin)
  • Captain Levi (Roy)
  • Dath (Robin)

I could see both Earth, Fuwa, Nojinko and Rizseau from Japan getting invited through this Saga’s compendium, alongside Europe’s best Roy TheFlow and top New York Ike San. With ZeRo having a tournament-ready Lucina and Nairo having a pretty good Robin, we could see the Saga Curse being broken by someone winning with a Fire Emblem character.

Following the events of West Side Saga, the 2GG Championship points table has been shaken up a fair bit, with Tweek knocking komorikiri off the third place spot. ZeRo is still way out in front, gaining an almost 500 point lead over second place Dabuz following his fifth Saga victory. With Fire Emblem Saga being the Fall season finale, players will receive double points if they manage to place highly, so expect that points table to change even more.

For more information on Fire Emblem Saga, check out its official smash.gg page.

Sources: 2GGaming; smash.gg

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