Panda Global announce their new online Smash 4 league, titled PG Key: WiFi Warriors Circuit

By on September 9, 2017 at 12:00 pm
PG Key Wifi Warriors

After taking a break to rejig and re-evaluate the format of their PG Key events, Panda Global are back with a new online league for those Smash 4 WiFi warriors. Titled PG Key: WiFi Warriors Circuit, it will see players racking up points via regular online events, with the overall league winner getting free flights, housing and entry at Genesis 5 next year.

Much like’s Burst League and the Curleh Circuit, any event can become a potential WiFi Warriors event, as long as it is approved by Panda Global. There will be special PG Key events within the circuit, which will grant additional points and other prizes. For a full list of current WiFi Warriors tournaments, as well as the details on how to make your event part of the circuit, check out its dedicated page.

Unlike previous PG Key events, WiFi Warriors events are not restricted to North American entrants. Hopefully this will give other regions a chance to get someone to Genesis 5.


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