Magnets, how do they work? A tutorial video explains Kokonoe’s new functions in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

By on September 8, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Our coverage of changes in the 2.0 version of BlazBlue: Central Fiction continues with a look at Kokonoe. How did the cat scientist-magician change in the update? She doesn’t have too many changes, if you check out the BlazBlue patch notes, but there’s one that definitely stands out. Kokonoe’s Drive has her placing Gravitrons — magnets, so to speak. She can also activate them for an opposite effect: a powerful pushback on the opponent.

TempestTim presents a video, embedded below, that explains a new function in the 2.0 update. Now, while using special moves, if a Gravitron is out, the Kokonoe player can simply press D to activate it (no need to press 236D). The timing varies a little bit. She can use this in the middle of a combo or while the opponent is blocking, so it can make pressure safer.

This doesn’t work with her Astral Heat, Distortion Drives, Exceed Accel, throw, or Crush Trigger.

The video show a couple of great combo extensions and ways to bait out defensive maneuvers from the opponent.

Source: Tempest Tim

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