EMT Goreson shows off advanced Machamp jump X useage, hit-sphere exploitation in Pokkén Tournament

By on September 8, 2017 at 4:00 pm
pokken burst

Just like in Tekken, Pokkén Tournament uses hit spheres — giant invisible 3D spheres surrounding character models — to determine hit detection. Because of this, there’s a way for Pokkén character Machamp to exploit the hitsphere’s shape with his jump X body splash, getting larger combos then normally possible with proper positioning.

EMT Goreson demonstrates this, and other advanced tech with jump X, for Pokkén’s Machamp in his latest tech video. As a bonus, he also gives something of a public service announcement in regards to baiting and defeating Emolga — you get more anti-air invincibility with Machamp’s 8Y if you don’t have the Bulk-Up status.

Source: EMT Goreson

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