Rising Up: Menat bread and butter combo guide — Punishes, confirm combos, juggles, & more

By on September 6, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Menat, the Egyptian fortune teller and apprentice to series veteran Rose, has made her playable debut in Street Fighter V. Her gameplay style is fully unique, and is a long-awaited departure from the rushdown character archetypes that litter SFV. Because she’s so different from the rest of the cast, it’s taken me a while to compile her optimal combos. Here are your best bread and butter combos that I’ve found for every common scenario, so players can focus on developing her optimal strategies without worrying about combos. This video features anti-airs, punishes, confirms, counter-hit combos, crush counter combos, juggles, and more.

This is not the full Menat tutorial I’m working on, but rather simply a guide to her basic optimal combo routes. The combos are all my own labwork, alongside a few things I’ve observed from other players. Unlike most videos I’ve done, I’m absolutely certain many of the combos I show are not fully damage optimal, but because Menat’s combos are very easy to drop in a high stress environment, and because easier versions of her combos lose only a very small amount of damage compared to her optimal ones, the combos I show draw a balance between being very simple and consistent while being close to optimal. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone watching to point out other potential combo routes in the comments, for both me and the other players, so that I can amend it into the final video when it comes out.

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