Go home and be a holy man with this Fight of Gods combo roundup

By on September 6, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Fight of Gods Jesus

With the release of Fight of Gods into Steam Early Access this week, players have been diving into this heavenly fighter to see if it has any depth at all. While it may not be the best-looking fighter on the market, it’s got infinites, 100% combos, and crazy corner setups that will have you praying for the sweet release of death. As so much wild stuff has been found, here is our first (and possibly only) round-up for Digital Crafter’s Fight of Gods.

To open today’s sermon, we have some readings from the gospel of pat7286. Along with headbutt loops with Moses and a 872-damage combo with Amaterasu, pat has discovered a Jesus infinite.

Now if you turn to page 236 in your prayer books, you’ll find some combos from JimmyBones. These include a 760 damage combo with Sif and a command grab reset with Anubis.

Sister Yohosie brings us the good word of jab resets, along with some combos for Athena.

And finally to end today’s service, please rise for this Jesus CMV by TheBlackHylian. Our Lord and Savior truly brings new meaning to the phrase “god tier.”

Sources: pat7286; TRDJimmyBones; yohosiefgc; TheBlackHylian

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