Taunt and combo with the best of them in this Menat roundup for Street Fighter V

By on September 5, 2017 at 12:30 pm
sfv menat battle costume opening

We are now hitting the one week mark with Menat, and likely have only hit the tip of the iceberg of what she is capable of. However, more and more interesting tech is coming out of the woodwork, so it would be bad taste to leave you guys hanging, searching for yourself. With that, here’s some more Menat tech to give you aspiring Menat mains the upper hand.

Since when are taunts only useful in Street Fighter III? Tokido showed off their usefulness with Akuma at Evo 2017, but Menat may also have some functionality in her taunt as well. What kind of functionality? Well, who has time for command grabs when you can do splits? That’s right, Menat can lower her hurtbox with her taunt to completely avoid command grabs.

Next up, here’s a new combo from zZInsaneZz where Menat carries from midscreen to corner with the greatest of ease.

Menat’s damage output on Akuma shows how dangerous she truly is. How dangerous is that? It looks like her maximum punish off of a blocked DP reaches 729, including a stun midway through.

When you have a high-execution character, you’re bound to attract the likes of HORI|Sako. Here he is again, showcasing his execution prowess with Menat:

What about CO|Go1, the top player that has seemed to moved squarely to Menat as a main? Well, he had an interesting set with Itabashi Zangief recently, and I do believe grapplers have a new character to fear.

Finally, there is one more player that is trying Menat out online. None other than Evo 2017 champion Echo Fox|Tokido is giving her a test drive. While he has not fully unlocked her technical game like Go1 and Sako has, he still displays some interesting things that are worth mentioning for potential mains.

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