Learn your Super Smash Bros. for Wii U match-ups with this huge MU chart, courtesy of inktivate

By on September 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Smash 4 Tier List

Learning match-ups is pretty important to improving as a player. In Smash 4 — where the roster contains 58 different characters — you’ve got a lot of data to memorize. Hoping to create a “comprehensive” match-up chart, based off opinions gathered from over 250+ top players, Reddit user inktivate has put together the definitive Smash 4 match-up chart.

Listing over 3025 different match-ups (the list excludes the Mii Fighters), this chart gives players a decent idea of the best and worst characters in Smash 4 — at least on paper. According to the opinions gathered by inktivate, Sheik is currently the best character with 47 winning matches, eight even matches and not a single bad match-up. On the other end of the spectrum, Jigglypuff is the out and out worst character, with only two even match-ups and 53 losing ones. If you compare these ratings to the current Smash 4 Backroom Tier List, this places Sheik four points higher, while Jigglypuff is still dead last.

This list isn’t perfect of course, as there are less match-up charts for lower tier characters and also greater room for disagreement. Little Mac has the most variance when it comes to his match-up spread, while there seems to be a general consensus when it comes to Sheik’s match-ups.

Data is likely to change, and inktivate encourages decorated mains of specific characters to come forward to help flesh out the chart. Hopefully, this chart will be an evolving document as the Smash 4 meta evolves. For all the stats, methodology and other information on this gargantuan match-up chart, check out the Reddit thread.

Source: r/smashbros

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