Brook announces the Mars wired controller for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Switch, and PC

By on September 5, 2017 at 9:00 am

Brook has made a name for itself with its line of converters, as well as controller boards for arcade sticks. Their products allow controllers to work on multiple consoles, as well as add functionalities that most off the shelf controllers don’t have. What they haven’t done is release their own controller — until now that is.

Brook has just announced the Mars wired controller. The controller is one that they’re touting as “the best gaming controller” and, as with majority of their products, works on multiple consoles. Specifically, the Mars will work on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Switch, and PC. The controller supports full motion control on PS4, PS3, and Switch. In addition to this, PS4 user will be able to connect a headset for audio and voice chat.

One of the Mars’ unique features is a swappable directional pad. The controller comes with three types of d-pad, a regular cross shaped one, a 4 button d-pad, and a faceted d-pad similar to the one seen on Microsoft’s Elite controller for the Xbox One. The only drawback — at least for PlayStation 4 players — is the lack of a proper touchpad, instead a button can be pressed to give touchpad functionality to the right analog stick. This design quirk is likely due to the Mars not being an officially licensed controller.

No date as of yet has been given by Brook for the Mars’ release. In the meantime, check out all its features in the trailer below.

Source: Brook via Shoryuken forums

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