Resets, corner mixups and more in today’s Menat roundup

By on September 4, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Menat SFV Art

The floodgates are still open on Menat tech on the Internet, and as such, it’s time for another Menat roundup to show you everything currently circulating on the web.

Go1 leads off, showing what he’s discovered with the character — a 50/50 mixup in the corner with V-Trigger. By varying the button used to achieve her drill, it can either cross up the opponent, or land in front, making this completely ambiguous.

Next up, VesperArcade discusses the viability of Menat in his review of the character. He discusses the complexity of the character, among various other things that will factor in to a lot of people’s decision-making process in maining her.

Young Commander also shows a variety of Menat resets. Due to her damage scaling on her intricate combos, this is something that must be watched for anyone considering to pick her up.

He also goes into a bit about her mixup potential beyond what Go1 displays above.

AutoMattock also discusses how difficult to deal with her V-Trigger will be in the future.

Finally, let’s go full circle and return to Go1. One of the closest examples of the character within Street Fighter V’s roster is Dhalsim, due to Menat’s long range buttons. How does she fair against her Yoga counterpart?

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