The Tick infiltrates Shadaloo with this PC mod for Street Fighter V

By on September 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm
the tick srk

In the mid ’90s, comical super hero The Tick charmed his way into the heart of America with his unyielding passion for justice, clumsy hero antics and love for BLT sandwiches. Now, the harbinger of mighty blue justice comes to life in Street Fighter V with this PC mod by THEJAMK.

Ironically, the modded skin has been assigned to the Shadaloo boxer Balrog, whose life of crime and violence would certainly not be approved of by the true hero in blue. Since it’s unlikely that The Tick will make an appearance in Injustice 2 any time soon, this mod will have to do.

You can watch The Tick hop into action in the video below.

Source: Best PC Mods