Mitchel explains the complexity and insanity behind Weavile’s divekick for Pokkén Tournament

By on September 2, 2017 at 4:00 pm

In Pokkén Tournament, few characters are more difficult to pin down then Weavile. This character has a gigantic list of options once he jumps, including:

  • A multi-directional air projectile that also serves as an air stall
  • Multiple jump trajectories
  • A divekick that leads to combos on hit and can go back into the air on block
  • Double jump cancels in Burst Mode

And this is just skimming the surface. Weavile is an overwhelming, slippery nightmare, and one of the reasons for that is the ambiguous landing properties of Weavile’s Jump X.

As Mitchel demonstrates, proper spacing and angles will allow tricky Weavile’s to mixup the opponent with divekick and empty-jump-grab. When you stop to consider that Weavile is not only getting buffs in Pokkén Tournament DX, but also access to a new double-jump granting support in the form of Popplio, this potent mixup will be even more terrifying then it currently is.

Source: Mitchel

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