Get creative with Street Fighter V Juri combos: unleash the Spider’s Mark

By on September 2, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Season 2 has been better for Juri overall, even if she’s not considered a very strong character yet. With a faster V-Skill and improved combos, she can be more competitive, but she is still held back by the charging mechanic. However, JusticeSoulTuna provides a refreshing combo video that might just change your mind.

The player combined a year of training and experimentation to produce this video titled The Spider’s Mark. It shows a variety of damaging combos, often utilizing the V-Trigger. There’s a very strong Dragon Punch punish against Ryu and a multitude of corner variations.

If you want to focus specifically on a certain aspect of the Street Fighter V character, JusticeSoulTuna also published a Juri V-Trigger guide video that takes a closer look.

Source: JusticeSoulTuna

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