Arcade Stick Indonesia announces release of modular Korean stick modification kit

By on September 2, 2017 at 11:00 am
Golden Fanta

Korean arcade levers have long been argued to be the best possible sticks to use for Tekken, with players of the game often hunting for Myoungshin and Taeyoung Fantas to help make their Electric Wind God Fists that much easier to pull off on arcade stick. One of the nagging issues with the style of stick is the difficulty to actually modify them as opposed to Japanese sticks, which have a wide variety of customization options available.

Wazwuz of Arcade Stick Indonesia is changing that and has announced the Golden Fanta modification kit. This kit will not only allow for performance modifications such as interchanging the Myoungshin and Taeyoung grommets for resistance, but also the ability to customize your lever cosmetically with standard ball and bat tops for Japanese-style sticks. This definitely makes Korean style sticks more appealing to the broader market of fighting game players. While this currently will only work with Myoungshin or Taeyoung Fantas, a Crown alternative is in the works.

Source: IPlayWinner

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