Menat video roundup for Street Fighter V: Ambiguous mix-ups, V-Trigger loops, Xian’s Menat, and more!

By on September 1, 2017 at 11:30 am
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Happy Menat-Friday. I was at a local event last night and there were three different stations running Menat players, one of them with Menat mirrors. Something in my gut tells me that the Street Fighter V community is enjoying this character. Let’s see what the future holds for her!

First up, VesperArcade shares their basic Menat combo guide.

Next, we have Young Commander showing off some theoretical uses for Menat’s V-Trigger in offense and defense.

And while setups and smart play are all well and good, sometimes you just want a giant combo. Redwolfxx would like to remind you Menat can do that, too. (And get some nice punishes on block!)

Those that link a little rhythm in their long combos will appreciate Y. Xiao‘s V-Trigger loops.

Meanwhile, Speedy963 has some ideas for optimizing V-Trigger juggles.

While this is neither the first nor last time I’ll type this, someone (in this case, Eastyy) found that Abigail’s hitbox doesn’t quite match the model. Sorry, Menat.

RektScrub and karozzo have more great Menat compilations of some of the world’s best talent, RZR|Xian and CO|GO1, trying her out.

Here’s a fairly difficult combo from jav1ts. Look at the damage and stun!

As impressive as that is, izumojinX closes out our roundup today with a guaranteed stun on Akuma.

Sources: RedwolfxxYoung CommanderY. XiaoSpeedy963EastyyRektScrubVesperArcadejav1tsizumojinXkarozzo

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