Watch Geese get unleashed in this Geese Howard combo video for The King of Fighters XIV

By on August 31, 2017 at 7:00 pm
geese srk

The only thing that rivals the hype of Geese Howard’s appearance in Tekken 7 is his initial return to fighting games in The King of Fighters XIV. Here to remind us that the kingpin of South Town is back and here to stay is Persona Entertainment with another impressive combo video.

Though Geese is known for his unique defensive moves, he leaves little to be desired on the offensive end. He’s got combos that push the opponent from wall to wall and, like a select few KOFXIV cast members, can retrieve them from the ground for a super or Climax finish. Another fearful aspect displayed in the video is the use of the air Reppu Ken to start and extend combos, which is  as entertaining as it is damaging.

Check out the combo video below and click here for more from Persona Entertainment.

Source: Persona Entertainment