Street Fighter V’s Menat video roundup: Throw combos, V-Trigger cross-ups, GO1’s Menat, and more!

By on August 31, 2017 at 10:30 am

It’s day three of Menat-Mania in Street Fighter V. Rose’s fortune-telling apprentice has proven to be by far the most popular of Season 2’s reveals thus far. After seeing the tidal wave of tech coming in for her, it’s easy to think her future looks bright: she’s got great neutral, gimmicks, and the ability to cash out for a ton of damage from a variety of situations if she needs to.

Let’s see what the SFV community has come up with!

DaikenDanBB shows off Menat’s ability to combo off a grab…

…and if you’re feeling disrespectful, the ability to burn your entire gauge on making CA safe.

Naast_ship7 has a throw setup that goes a little further. Once V-Trigger is out, she can cash out on every option!

rooflemonger has a starter guide for learning Menat’s basic combos, and some quick tips on learning the character’s moveset.

MrSlaynman has discovered some very rude cross-ups with Menat’s terrifying V-Trigger.

Vs_ino has also experimented with some cross-up setups using V-Trigger.

Really, your creativity is the only thing between you and an absurd V-Trigger cross-up setup. Check out what DaFeetLee cooked up after looking at ‘s work.

When does frame advantage end for Menat? marlonlonmilk says, “Never.”

Some top Japanese players are eyeing Menat as well. Check out these replays from Cyclops Osaka|GO1, Echo Fox|Momochi, and HORI|Sako.

Last but not least: it may not be a video, but here’s some sage advice from UltraDavid.

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