Meet Elena’s family, Aprile’s brother, and the Mad Gear Gang’s Eliza in the latest CFN Portal profiles

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After a hiatus of over a month, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute has unearthed another batch of their Activity Reports, containing information on various characters throughout the Street Fighter universe. Private Nakagawa returns to provide narration for these documents.

First up, we have Elena’s family members.

Private Nakagawa: “Today we’re introducing Elena’s family. A proud family that inherited the blood of warriors, who lives in harmony with nature in a house in the Savannah. (Who knows if they can all do Healing!…)”


Basic Info:

Name: Jafari [Swahili rendition of the Arabic male name جعفر Ja’far, “spring, rivulet.”] Height: 190cm
Weight: 92kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: January 2nd
Country of Origin: Kenya
Likes: The Spirit of Family
Dislikes: Alcohol (can’t hold it)


Basic Info:

Name: Amina [Swahili rendition of two female Arabic names: the first, آمنة Āmina (accent upon the first syllable) “safe, secure,” was also the name of Muhammad‘s mother. The second, أمينة Amīna (accent upon the second syllable) “faithful, trustworthy,” is the female version of the male name أمين Amīn.] Height: 183cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: February 7th
Country of Origin: Kenya
Likes: Family, Sukuma wiki
Dislikes: Paved Roads


Basic Info:

Name: Marcus [English version of the Latin name Marcus “related to Mars.” It’s curious this shift of names’ origin in the new generation: even Elena comes from the Ancient Greek Ἑλένη Helenē, maybe from ἑλάνη elane “torch” or a corruption of Σελήνη Selene, “Moon.” ] Height: 184cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: September 7th
Country of Origin: Kenya
Likes: Capoeira
Dislikes: Sweets

Private Nakagawa: “The head of the family Jafari descends from a family of warrors. The mother Amina kindly watches over her family. Elena is only a few years apart from her older brother Marcus. Jafari went to study abroad in France and has a PhD in Pharmaceutics and Veterinary Medicine. He’s a good leader, and an extremely wise man. Amina is a loving mother. Her relatives live nearby. Marcus is a master capoeirista, raised under his father’s wing. He’s expected to succeed Jafari and establish his own family. He’s also secretly a fan of Dee Jay. The family gets along well, and spends the weekends going to the city, visiting museums and seeing theater.”

To refresh your memory, here’s a look at them from Elena’s Ultra Street Fighter IV Arcade Mode prologue.

Next up, we have Aprile’s brother, Maggio.

Private Nakagawa: “This time we introduce a kid with special issues. He doesn’t seem like someone able to fight, but he’s studying some power, apparently.”


Basic Info:

Name: Maggio [Italian, “May.” Which doesn’t agree with his birth month… Anyway, Italy is now officially “the land of absurd hair” according to Capcom. Not even Guile’s family could compete (and I expect Guile’s wife to show up soon).] Height: 167cm
Weight: 52kg
Blood type: 0
Birthday: August 5th
Country of Origin: Italy
Likes: His Sister, Yo-yo
Dislikes: Dark Places

Private Nakagawa: “He’s a young man who’s searching for his disappeared older sister. Just when his parents were about to accept the fate of his sister, he heard of a fortune teller who could see into the future. Maggio was only a boy back then, but all alone he kept walking for days up to Genoa, where the “Palace of Miracles” was. He’s currently learning fortune telling together with a senior apprentice [Come on, we all know it’s Menat. It would make sense for Menat to pester Ed even in her story mode: after all, Ed could know where Aprile went, or she could be a member of his Neo-Shadaloo. So Aprile is still missing months after Shadaloo’s fall, apparently…] under the mistress of the Palace, while continuing to search for his sister. He never lets go of his yo-yo, because it was a present from his sister. Sniff, what a sad story… …But pink hair and Italian origin just reminded me of someone I think I met somewhere. The infirmary… it was? I forgot.”

Finally, we close out this set of profiles with one of Retsu’s underlings from the Mad Gear Gang, seen in 1993’s Final Fight 2, Eliza.

Private Nakagawa: “She can kill her enemies with her agility and her proficiency with the knife! It seems her knife attack pattern is so irregular that it’s extremely hard to dodge.


Basic Info:

Name: Eliza
Height: 160cm
Weight: 48kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: August 5th [Suspiciously identical to Maggio…] Country of Origin: USA
Dislikes: Dirty people

Private Nakagawa: “She’s fickle and prone to pursue every new fad. She had some experience in a band, when she wanted to become a vocalist, but soon she got tired and quit. It seems she has a twin brother named Robert. She’s currently searching for a lover!”

And with that, we’re at 235 CFN Portal profiles. From the looks of things, they’ll be covering the remaining goons of Final Fight 2 for the next few weeks, before possibly moving on to the mooks of Final Fight 3, or perhaps something else entirely. If you’re interested in more recent CFN Portal profiles, you can check out the Activity Reports of Demon Machami & Shin, as well as Meterorito Jr. & Antler Inoki.

Sources: CFN Portal; RajmanGaming HD

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