HapkidoRed shows off high damage and wall carry options for Tekken 7’s Akuma

By on August 31, 2017 at 4:00 pm

The ever-increasing presence of super meter in the Tekken universe is controversial among some parts of the community. The first character in the series to employ such a mechanic, guest character Akuma, uses it to dish out a tremendous amount of damage with his Focus Attack Dash Cancels. This Street Fighter IV shoto is the subject of HapkidoRed‘s latest high damage, high execution, and highly situational combo video.

Perhaps, we should have always seen Akuma’s (and soon, Geese’s) meter mechanic coming to the Tekken series. Tekken Revolution‘s Eliza was clearly a test run to see if a fireball/dragon punch centered character could even work in the 3D field. In the end, even she was gifted with a new meter system. When Tekken 7 (and possibly future installments, too) continue to broaden the scope of system mechanics in the series, we can look back at this Raging Demon to see where it all began.

Source: HapkidoRed

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