Tension Pulse continues with high-profile matches: ElvenShadow vs. MarlinPie, dejixal vs. UltraToast

By on August 30, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Make sure to not miss a new episode of Tension Pulse later tonight! We have some big names this time around. The online Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 exhibition is featuring a returning player, ElvenShadow, and his infamous Faust! His opponent is none other than pro player PG|MarlinPie. Those two fight each other with some frequency, so it will be thrilling to see who emerges on top.

That’s on deck tonight, but before them, we also have UltraToast’s Ramlethal against dejixal’s Jam. It’s not a match-up we see all that often. Let’s see what the combatants have to say about each other.



On the match: “I’ve fought MarlinPie numerous times in top 8s in the past. As always, this set is going to be one hell of a challenge. Sometimes I’ve won, sometimes he’s won, but the last couple of times we met he managed to get the win. It’s almost always pretty close. I believe the last time we fought in a tournament was top 8 of Frosty Faustings IX (about 7 months ago), where I managed to pull off a pretty impressive comeback 2nd to last round when the set was tied 1-1, and while the last round was pretty close, he outplayed me and took the set. It’s been a while since I’ve played a very long set against him, so I think there will be a good amount of adapting back and forth between us both. We both know each other’s playstyles well, so I think it will come down to who can make adjustments faster. I’m sure he has improved since we last played.”

On his opponent: “MarlinPie is one of the most veteran GG players who is still very active in the scene from way back in the XX series. In my opinion, he is still one of the strongest players in the US. He has both excellent execution and a sharp mind and is able to adapt very well. I’ve teamed up with him many times before, but today he will be my opponent and I welcome the challenge and look forward to a great set.”

On his growth since the last time: “The last exhibition I played for Super Steam/Tension Pulse was in March of this year vs. Zidane, so about five months ago. I lost, and was not happy with my play in that set. I’m not really sure if I’ve changed very much since then as I haven’t had much time to actively practice lately, aside from an hour or two of netplay every week if I’m lucky, and I still attend local tournaments a couple times a month. I can’t attend any more majors this year due to real life restrictions, so my drive to grind has not been as strong recently.

However, since being asked to do this exhibition, I have been making an effort to practice against other Zato players online and had about an hour of practice against a very strong Zato last night on Steam to (hopefully) help prepare myself. In all honesty, I feel like my growth as a player has become a bit stagnant, since recently I have been focusing more on being a tournament organizer and taking care of my family, but I still have the desire to improve and love playing.”



On the match: “Feels to me as if I’m just playing him in a casual setting on a casual day. Not much of an exhibition from my feeling.”

On his opponent: “My answer to [the prior question] is like that probably because we’re so familiar with each other. We first played at March Madness in 2003 or something.. an old, big event.”

On his own playstyle: “I’m working on altering my playstyle a little. I’ve been more focused on neutralizing the opponent by force, but I’ve been noticing I need to move accordingly to opponents’ decisions. It’s definitely more difficult to play ‘counter’ style, but to achieve more consistency in this game, I think it’s necessary.”



On the match: “I think the exhibition is great — it puts the spotlight on some of the upcoming players people wouldn’t normally hear about while also being able to provide hype matches. I’m pretty nervous about my match, but I’m excited to see how I do.”

On his opponent: “I don’t know much about UltraToast other than that he is a strong Ramlethal player that performs very well at WNF. Ramlethal has a very strong mix-up game, so my goal during the match will be to try to stop him before he gets started.”

On his own playstyle: “I think my own playstyle is very centered around reading my opponent and trying to overwhelm them before they can react. I believe Jam is a very linear character, so to make up for that, I like to incorporate hard reads and gimmicks into my gameplay to keep my opponents guessing.”



On the match: “I’m happy to be a part of Tension Pulse! I feel a little nervous about the exhibition because it’s my first time participating in something like this. I have played on other streams before though, so the nerves aren’t too bad. I just want to put on a good show and have some great matches that I can learn from!”

On his opponent: “Honestly I don’t know too much about dejixal. However, everyone that I’ve talked to that knows dejixal have told me that he’s a great player that I need to watch out for. I personally don’t like fighting Jam, but I’m still looking forward to playing dejixal.”

On his own playstyle: “I feel like with Ramlethal I play this weird mix of rushdown and active run away/active keepout. Like if I can smell the blood, I’ll just go in and play as aggressively as possible, maybe even a little too aggressive. But if I feel like I can’t do that against my opponent/opponent’s character, I’ll just run away all day and set swords until I get a clean hit. More often than not though I think I prefer to run away and wait for my turn.”


Catch the next episode of Tension Pulse live, tonight on Silva_hime’s Twitch channel. The first set, which is between dejixal and UltraToast, starts at 9:30 PM ET/8:30 PM CT/7:30 PM PT. RaphTx and James Chen will commentate their match as well as the ElvenShadow and MarlinPie set which follows the first one.

Looking to catch up on the last episode of Tension Pulse? The last episode included hectic matches between four players:

Source: interviews; Silva

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