More BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle characters to be revealed in September

By on August 30, 2017 at 10:00 am

Earlier today, Arc System Works streamed a segment online. They teased that they would have some news regarding the highly anticipated BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle game, which was announced at Evolution 2017.

On the stream embedded below, the company began with a BlazBlue: Central Fiction tournament that prominently featured Jubei. At close to the two-hour mark, the company showed the reveal trailer to the BBXTAG game. There wasn’t any new info in it, however, after showing key character art for the four protagonists, they displayed a screen (the feature image of this article, above) that says more character reveals are coming in September.

It’s a teaser of a teaser, but Arc System Works has committed themselves to streaming at least once a month for the fans. Since Toshimichi Mori already revealed that the cast is mostly set. It looks like we can expect many announcements over the next coming months, especially since there will be numerous characters in the game.

Stay tuned to SRK as we find out more about BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.

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Source: Arc System Works (Twitch)

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