Master Jubei combos in BlazBlue: Central Fiction with this new video

By on August 30, 2017 at 8:00 pm

It’s almost time to enter a new era in BlazBlue: Central Fiction! The long-awaited Jubei will be available later this week for console players anywhere, so those who haven’t had a chance to try the 2.0 arcade build can try out the new changes and a new character.

If you’re looking to at least check out Jubei and want to get an edge on the competition, Hima has your back. Currently the leading Jubei player, Hima developed what looks like fairly optimal Jubei combos, especially given that the character has been out for barely a month. Hima’s combo video starts with practical and shorter confirms, sometimes from a counter hit, that lead to good corner carry and projectile okizeme. Jubei can let out the ball to force the opponent to block on getting up.

The latter combos in the video showcase how to integrate Jubei’s Drive, and to end with a Distortion Drive. If the mark is on the opponent, Jubei teleports to the enemy with his super. He can also use the Install super to extend a combo midway through and to unlock additional attacks in his moveset.

Jubei is available on August 31st worldwide for $7.99.

Source: Burst Recap via NicoNico

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