Loops, juggles, and even an unblockable: Menat day one video roundup for Street Fighter V

By on August 30, 2017 at 9:00 am

Menat just hit Street Fighter V, and already people are figuring out way to create nasty combos with her. Her floating crystal ball mechanic and her unique V-Trigger seem to allow her to be quite creative in her attack sequences.

Her sphere-generating V-Trigger, the Wisdom of Thoth, seems to be the most obvious source of unique combos. Players have been experimenting with ways to use the six spheres it generates for extra damage, as you can see in the videos below from AaronMan Pazzo, Blackguy500, Jedi P, and Clasico.

Meanwhile, Olaf Redland has taken some time away from analyzing Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite pre-release gameplay to demonstrate how jumping against Menat is a bad idea.

On a slightly different note, Asaad Nahar demonstrates how to use her V-Trigger to punish certain V-Reversal attempts.

Sonic Flash Kick offers a combo video for her that goes over a number of options, including meterless bread and butter combos, the usual flashy V-Trigger ones, and a few more in between.

For those looking for something meatier, TrueUnderDawgGaming has put out the following combo guide that covers her known combos in order of difficulty.

As expected, combo video wizard desk has also shared his take on V-Trigger combos for Menat. He uses it to set up some interesting and ridiculous-looking combos — including a couple of loops — in the videos below.

Team Razer’s Xian has demonstrated a different loop, this time using multiple jump-ins. More importantly, it works mid stage, and doesn’t need V-Trigger active at the start.

Meanwhile, EchoFox’s Momochi has put together his own impressive combo on his stream.

He also, demonstrated an unblockable set up for her Critical Art, as captured in this tweet. The unblockable apparently works the same way as Ed’s unblockable does.

Finally, Evo Japan’s Hameko demonstrates this sequence that can drain an entire lifebar — if Menat gets the throw reset after the first combo.

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