Episodes 3 and 4 of The King of Fighters: Destiny now available on SNK’s YouTube channel

By on August 30, 2017 at 12:00 pm
kof destiny srk

SNK”s CGI animated series The King of Fighters: Destiny is currently on its fourth episode. In this point in the series, team Kyo-Benimaru-Daimon have touched down in South Town and are already interacting with the eccentric, street-fighting casts of The Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury series.

Though KOF: Destiny tends to lean more towards the comical side of things, things are heating up as Terry, Andy and Joe prepare for their first confrontation with Geese Howard, and Kyo Kusanagi searches for the mysterious fighter in the red hat.

While the show is not without its shortcomings, it is hard to say that it’s not entertaining. Besides some noticeable tweaks to the King of Fighters canon, the interactions between all of the characters is fun and familiar to those who play the games. You can watch all four of the current episodes on SNK’s YouTube Channel.

Source: snkGame