Empoleon video resource roundup for Pokkén Tournament DX: Combos, HM Stance, and movement options

By on August 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm
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The arcade-adjusted update to Nintendo’s surprise Wii U hit in 2015, Pokken Tournament DX, is now less then a month away from release. While each of the demo characters has something new to try out in DX, by far the biggest draw of the new Nintendo Switch demo is the new Steel Penguin, Empoleon.

Combo video by US Pokkén pros Swillo & BimmyQuestion

And now that Switch users have home access to Empoleon, the Pokkén community can sink their teeth into the previously arcade exclusive character’s moveset.

Breakdown of Empoleon’s movement by Mitchel.

Empoleon brings a fairly unique flavor to the game: his normal movement is very slow, but he comes equipped with a wide variety of non-standard movement options that allow him to zip around the field quickly. Among them is Ice Beam, a projectile that freezes the ground and allows him to slide forward, and Surf, a jump-cancelable option from his HM Stance. If you are a Pokémon fan outside of the fighting games, you may smile at knowing Empoleon is the Pokkén’s first canonical HM Slave.

Arcade Empoleon Combos

If you’re interested in trying out the new way-of-movement Empoleon brings, the free demo can now be downloaded on the Nintendo Switch. Pokkén Tournament DX itself drops on September 22nd.

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