Punch through brick walls with this Paul Phoenix combo guide for Tekken 7

By on August 29, 2017 at 7:00 pm
paul srk

Before Bob came along in Tekken 6, Paul had been the resident American karate man since the beginning of the Tekken franchise. Though there is certainly room on the roster for two USA users of hybrid martial arts, Paul’s straightforward, powerhouse approach certainly earned him his longevity in the 3D fighting game series.

HurtboxTV’s combo guide for Paul Phoenix in Tekken 7 shows us that there is more to playing him than just landing heavy blows, though that is most of what you’d be doing as a Paul main. You don’t need a lot of hits to pull most of the strings in this video, but you will need to keep a forward dash at the ready as Paul’s hard knocks tend to send the opponent flying more often than not.

Check out the guide below to add these essential Paul Combos to your Tekken 7 repotoire, and find more of HurtboxTV’s combo guides here.

Source: HurtboxTV