History Behind the Warrior explains Black Manta’s beef with Aquaman in Injustice 2 and beyond

By on August 29, 2017 at 8:00 pm
black manta srk

For players of Injustice 2 who are slightly unfamiliar with DC comics characters and their lore, there are bound to be lots of questions about the mysterious mariner Black Manta, who was recently revealed to be part of Injustice 2‘s 2nd fighter pack. While his exact intentions in the Injustice 2 storyline are still unknown, there is one thing that we can always count on with Black Manta: He really, really hates Aquaman.

For those who would like a little background on the deep-sea assassin’s feud with the king of Atlantis, History Behind the Warrior has got you covered. Check out his video below, to hear why this bad blood runs deeper than the ocean.

Source: History Behind the Warrior