Capcom’s CFN Portal unveils Menat’s stats and movelist for Street Fighter V

By on August 29, 2017 at 11:00 am

With Menat unveiling today — two days removed from her reveal at E-sports Festival Hong Kong 2017 — people have been curious about her actual stats and moveset, of course. Given that she is very similar to Rose from prior Street Fighter titles, the comparisons are obvious, and a lot of speculation can be made on that alone.

Speculate no more. Capcom has released her entire movelist and statistics on the CFN Portal. As expected with a female character, her health is on the low side at 950, with stun being set at the same value. For her specials, she has her Soul Sphere as a traditional fireball motion, and Ankh as a coinciding input, to send the crystal sphere away and cause it to return.

sfv menat movelist

These nuggets of information will prepare you to play this new character once the patch is finished.

Source: CFN Portal

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