Team Hazama vs. Susano’o and Team Bullet vs. Naoto face off in BlazBlue Central Fiction sets

By on August 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Exceed Assault (originally named CrossXBattle) is an online exhibition series celebrating various BlazBlue: Central Fiction match-ups. In a first-to-10-set format, a team of the same characters battles another one. There’s also usually a special FT10 between two skilled players. We have footage of the latest Exceed Assault available for perusal.

We see some rather “rare” characters in these batches. First up was Team Bullet battling Team Naoto. At first, it seemed like Bullet had no chance. Naotos pulled ahead 3-0, obliterating the close-ranged grapplers. But over time, slowly but surely, Team Bullet started to pick up their game and catch the Naoto players off-guard. It was an incredibly close set that came down to the last deciding round.

Next up is Dolfy Valkenyahn versus Myoro Relius. The long set provides good study material for this rather rare match-up. Again, it’s a fairly close set, but one of them does emerge as more dominant. The commentators discuss the situations and share their insight during it.

Lastly, Team Susano’o fought Team Hazama. Susano’o is a newcomer to BBCF, and both characters are considered somewhat weak in 1.0. The challenge for Susano’o is unlocking special moves during combat with his Drive ability. It’s a tricky match-up thanks to Hazama’s good mobility.

View all the footage below, contained in a playlist.

Stay tuned, as we know that more episodes of Exceed Assault are coming. We’ve been hearing the next one is a husband-wife battle! Read more about how Exceed Assault started on Shoryuken.

Source: LogicHoleStudios

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