Learn to throw down Kazama style with this Jin Kazama combo breakdown for Tekken 7

By on August 27, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Jin srk

Out of all of the hosts of the Mishima bloodline, Jin Kazama is definitely an outlier. Though he does carry some of his family’s electrifying techniques, there is a fluidity to his style that is simply not present in that of his quarreling father and grandpa.

HurtboxTV’s latest combo breakdown illustrates the benefits of Jin’s simple-and-clean style. Though you may not be able to play as aggressively as you would with Heihachi or Kazuya, you won’t have as much to focus on execution-wise with Jin. The video also demonstrates the terrific wall carry that his strings have, which gives Jin an advantage when playing on any stage with walls.

If you admire the Mishimas for their straight-forward simplicity in battle and have yet t0 try Jin, this combo breakdown has what you need to get started. Check it out below and feel free to examine more of HurtboxTV’s  Tekken 7 combo guides.

Source: HurtboxTV