Having trouble with the Abigail matchup, Claw users? ListonThePrince shows off punishment options for Vega against the giant grappler

By on August 27, 2017 at 11:00 am

Abigail, Street Fighter V‘s most recent DLC character, has been out in the wild for a month now with a lot of character combo and setup tech on YouTube and other social media sites. However, there doesn’t seem to be many videos covering how to punish Abigail’s unsafe normals and specials with frame disadvantage on many of them ranging between high single to high double-digit numbers. There aren’t many solid Abigail players out there yet, so anyone who’s unfamiliar with the character’s unsafe moves and strings will be thrown for a loop.

Thankfully, YouTube channel ECThrowdown uploaded a video made by ListonThePrince exposing how heavily punishable Abigail’s move set is with Vega. The video shows the masked matador punishing Abigail’s regular and EX Abigail Punch, Avalanche Press, Dynamite Punch,Giant Flip, Critical Art, and his most unsafe normals. He also shows how to punish untrue strings as well as gaps in his EX Giant Flip follow-ups. If you have four minutes to spare, check it out below and gain some knowledge.

Source: ECThrowdown