sneaky_coyote shares a resource guide for Tekken 7’s Master Raven

By on August 25, 2017 at 8:00 pm
master raven

Master Raven is one of the more unorthodox characters in Tekken 7. She lacks a standard hopkick, has poor punishment options, and relies heavily on advanced stance and crouch dash use. None of this means she’s a bad character (far from it!) but it does mean she has a learning curve that could prove daunting to new players.

That’s why a guide like sneaky coyote’s is so useful. More then just frame data, this guide gives a detailed breakdown of every move, its risk, and its usefulness. Since a large chunk of learning a character is just breaking down a move-set, this guide is a great starting point for Apprentice Ravens.

Source: sneaky_coyote

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