The King of Fighters XIV Special Anniversary Edition launches in Germany tomorrow

By on August 22, 2017 at 10:00 am
KOFXIV Special Anniversary Edition

Quietly appearing among the regular weekly releases post on Germany’s PlayStation Blog, a complete edition of The King of Fighters XIV is going to be launching very soon. Named the “King of Fighters XIV Special Anniversary Edition,” it looks to include all of the costume DLC for KOFXIV, along with DLC fighters Whip, Vanessa, Yamazaki, and Rock Howard.

Looking at the general European and North American PlayStation Blogs, this special version of KOFXIV is not listed for release in any other region besides Germany. With Oda being spotted at Gamescom and this anniversary edition scheduled to release tomorrow, SNK better get their skates on if they want fans to know more about this special edition bundle of The King of Fighters XIV.

Sources: PlayStation Blog Germany via gatoray_kof; Orochinagi

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