Explore the strength of psycho power with these Ed tutorials for Street Fighter V

By on August 20, 2017 at 10:00 am
Young Commander Ed

Ed is no longer the newest Street Fighter V character but there’s still plenty left to explore with the heir of Shadaloo. A new YouTube channel called Young Commander is bringing together some impressive tech for Ed, from mixups and meaty setups to optimizations for V-Trigger.

Young Commander’s early videos are focused on creating strong mixups using V-Trigger and his unique V-Skill, Psycho Snatch. Because both versions of anti-air Psycho Snatch Ed can create guaranteed mixup situations while his V-Trigger is active or even after a full punish. The channel’s newest video provides tips on how to use Ed’s Psycho Flicker including input methods for both pad and stick.

At a time where character-specific Discord channels are becoming more and more popular, having a YouTube channel dedicated to a character feels like a logical step.

Source: Young Commander

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