Tension Pulse: HimeCut tackles Kuutochi, and fadooglee battles Havoc_Noah in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 exhibitions

By on August 19, 2017 at 10:00 am

Quality online Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 matches resume this weekend. Tension Pulse showcases American talent and gives a great opportunity to view some high-quality play alongside qualified commentators. Tune in for a fresh set of matches this Sunday!

We have a bunch of new combatants this time. We’re going to see fadooglee’s Slayer dance to Havoc_Noah’s guitar strings and I-no mix-ups, as well as HimeCut’s Leo Whitefang battle past dolphins and beachballs raining from Kuutochi’s May. Let’s see what they have to say about each other and their playstyles.



On the match: “To be honest, this is my first exhibition so I’m pretty excited! At the same time though, I’m a bit nervous because I usually don’t participate a lot in exhibitions or even tournaments. Either way, I expect it to be really fun because I just enjoy the game.”

On his opponent: “I think Noah is a really strong player. We haven’t played against each other much, but for the few times we have, I did acknowledge that he has very solid play. He knocked me out of winners during Anime Ascension, and then I returned the favor at Evo, haha. Regardless, I do feel confident in this exhibition.”

On his own playstyle: “My personal playstyle is quite aggressive. I usually try to do whatever it takes to “glue” myself to the opponent. I also find it gimmicky as well because I abuse backdash cancel.”



On the match: “My thoughts are that I am happy to play on it. It is a cool series that has shown a lot of match ups so I hope to make this one entertaining with fadooglee. I also had commentated before but didn’t have a stable way to play on Steam until recently, so it will be fun.”

On his opponent: “I have played fadooglee in two tournament sets right and our current record is 1/1. I beat him at AA closely, and he beat me at Evo very convincingly, so I hope that our third set can be good. He plays Slayer in a very active way, so my goal with him is to just play more reactively to him when I can and try to let him overextend himself. His offense is also good, and he is willing to take risks both in neutral and offense that I have to be aware because of I-no’s low stun.”

On his own playstyle: “It is kind of hard for me to describe my playstyle actually. I am a very emotional player so when I play well it shows, and I can ride that momentum to just keep ahead. This also works against me, though, at times where I am not in a good headspace, things can get to me easily, and it becomes hard to stay level-headed. My offense really shines when it is in a good space where I am able to just consistently show how strong my character can be on offense.”



On the match: “Participating in Tension Pulse has given me some much-welcomed motivation to train harder. There were a lot of things I’ve been wanting to put into practice that I haven’t invested time labbing before. No matter the results, I’ve picked up momentum forward, and I’ll become a stronger player because of it.”

On his opponent: “Kuutochi is strong and looks like he has a lot of fun when he plays, a quality I really appreciate in players. But I don’t like May: she’s very tricky with enormous payout and frustrating neutral, but I’m confident that I can adjust in a long set.”

On his own playstyle: “I make hard reads, but they don’t always work. I really like characters that attack the player’s patience. The description that comes to mind is: ‘Getting mixed up by characters like Raven and Chipp makes you feel helpless, but getting hit by Leo makes you feel stupid.’ Leo is linear by nature making formulating an approach with his limited tools super fun.”



On the match: “I’m excited to be part of this exhibition. Been following Tension Pulse, and this is just such a great way to spotlight American players matches. Japanese footage is fantastic, but I just love how different players over here deal with different situations and playstyles that never show up at the arcades.”

On his opponent: “I don’t know much of HimeCut besides a vague memory from CEO, can’t remember how our matches went back then, so I’m both nervous and excited to fight him. Leo is a character that if you make one mistake, he’ll take all your life and then runs a train on you. I’m still uncertain of my match-up against Leo, especially when all of them feel to have their own different approach, so I’m looking forward to seeing how HimeCut plays him!”

On his own playstyle: “Suicidal (LOL). I’m a really aggressive player, like REALLY aggressive. I just want to get in there and torment my opponent. May is a well-rounded character with a couple weaknesses, she can be everywhere on the screen, but I just want to be right in their face. My training partner often says I do things by instinct instead of thinking which is bad when it comes to neutral, so instead I like to force scrambles by simply interrupting/trading moves and try to come victorious from there.”


Catch the next episode of Tension Pulse live on Silva_hime’s Twitch channel. The first set, which is between HimeCut and Kuutochi, will start on August 20th at 8:30 PM ET/9:30 PM CT/5:30 PM PT. Kami and wne will commentate the matches and lend their expertise to the on-screen gameplay.

Looking to catch up on the last episode of Tension Pulse? The last episode included hectic matches between four players:

Source: interviews; Silva

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