Pokkén Tournament at the Pokémon World Championships final results

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Today, the last Pokkén World Championship for the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament will be held! Throughout the year, players have been competing and earning spots for this event through major tournaments in North America, Europe, and Japan; now that the last of the 16 slots of the Pokkén Worlds Championships are filled with qualified players via the Last Chance Qualifier, this is the day to sort out who’s the very best.

Pokken World Championship 2017

Pokkén Tournament

1st place
Hisaharu “Tonosama” Abe (JP) Braixen

2nd place
Fujioka “Mikukey_Homura” Shuhei (JP) Chandelure

3rd place
Takuma “Azazel” Araki (JP) Machamp, Sceptile

4th place
Motochika “Elm” Nabeshima (JP) Suicune, Mewtwo

5th place
Yuuki “APOLLO” Horiguchi (JP) Gengar
Thomas “Thulius” Mclaurin (US) Mewtwo

7th place
Labib “Slippingbug” Haq (US) Pikachu Libre
José Manuel “XAbsoluted” Sanjuán Carreno (ES) Lucario

9th place
Fabian Zahn, Fabilous (DE) Blaziken, Suicune
Umberto “Goreson” Tagliafierro (IT) Machamp
Elijah “Wzurds” Pearson (USA) Lucario
Yusuke “Messa” Suzuki (JP) Charizard

13th place
Christian “Suicune Master” Patierno (US) Lucario
Ryo “S-KI” Kazama (JP) Blaziken
Martinez “Rasenryu” Harris (US) Gardevior
Shunsuke “ITO” Mori (JP) Gardevior


North America Qualifiers
  • Suicune Master – Lucario
  • Thulius – Mewtwo
  • Rasenryu – Gardevoir
  • SlippingBug – Pikachu Libre
European Union Qualifiers
  • Fabilous – Suicune, Mewtwo, Pikachu Libre
  • Xabsoluted – Lucario
  • Elm – Suicune
  • Goreson – Machamp
Japan Qualifiers
  • APOLLO – Gengar
  • Messa – Charizard
  • Mikukey – Chandelure
  • Itou – Gardevoir
Last Chance Qualifiers
  • S-KI (Japan) – Blaziken
  • RPG|Azazel (Japan) – Machamp, Sceptile
  • Wzurds (United States) – Lucario
  • Tonosama (Japan) – Braixen

The Pokkén action today will be split across two different streams. From 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM PDT, the tournament will run until top 4 on the main Pokkén Channel.

Watch live video from PokkenTournament on www.twitch.tv

At 3:30 PM PDT, switch over to the main Pokémon Worlds channel to catch the remaining top 4 action.

Watch live video from Pokemon on www.twitch.tv

For those that want to follow updates for Pokkén Worlds closely, you are advised to check out the Twitter of one Alex Jebailey, who is overseeing the Worlds Finals.

For more info on the Worlds stream schedule this weekend, check out the official worlds tournament site.

Source: Pokkén Tournament

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