Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition adds Evil Ryu, Gouken, and Guy as free DLC

By on August 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm
evil ryu srk

Just over a month after its release on iOS, Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition receives its first character DLC. Guy, Gouken, and Evil Ryu will become free downloads sometime this week, filling up three of the six empty character slots teased in the game’s original launch trailer.

Anyone can take a close look at the other three empty slots and see that the remaining mystery fighters are likely Juri, Rose, and Elena. It’s safe to presume that these three will feature in the next round of DLC, but for now the details of their future in the mobile game remains a mystery.

This free character DLC puts Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition off to a good start, and gives hope that the game will stay both convenient and affordable. Those interested in buying can still pick it up for $4.99 in the app store.

Source: Touch Arcade via Cult of Mac