Pokémon World Championships: Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifier results

By on August 18, 2017 at 4:45 pm
Pokken World Championship 2017

The results are in! Your Last Chance Qualifiers are:

S-KI (Japan) Blaziken

RPG | Azazel (Japan) Machamp, Sceptile

Wzurds (United States) Lucario

Tonosama (Japan) Braixen

S-KI’s impressive winner bracket qualification is made doubly remarkable since he did it with one of the game’s most counterable low tiers, Blaziken. He beat top 8 finishers Uho, Tonosama, and ThankSwalot to get there. Azazel, whom finished 2nd in last year’s Worlds tournament, also marched into his qualification confidently on the winners side. Last year his biggest weakness was not having a secondary to cover his main character’s bad match-ups. He looks poised to correct that by giving Machamp a tag partner: Sceptile.

Wzurds’ qualification match was versus fellow American pro Allister, which must have felt like something of a grudge match. Allister famously defeated Wzurds in 2016 to win a free trip to NEC. Wzurds, a strong player that rarely gets to travel to majors, exacted his revenge a year later by qualifying for Pokkén’s largest stage over his fellow countryman.

Tonosama, the Japanese Braxien pro perhaps best known as the Evolution 2016 Champion, seemed unusually vulnerable in today’s tournament. Nearly every match in his winners bracket run was a 2-1 photo finish. This is in stark contrast to Uho, whom dominated most of his matches up until running into S-KI. Thier bout in the qualification match in losers bracket was a nail biter, but like every match the Evo champ had before, he barely qualified in a last round, last game victory.

This Saturday, the last Pokkén World Championship for the Wii U version of Pokkén Tournament will go live. Throughout the year players have been competing and earning spots for this event through major tournaments in North America, Europe, and Japan:

North America Qualifiers
  • Suicune Master – Lucario
  • Thulius – Mewtwo
  • Rasenryu – Gardevoir
  • SlippingBug – Pikachu Libre
European Union Qualifiers
  • Fabilous – Suicune, Mewtwo, Pikachu Libre
  • Xabsoluted – Lucario
  • Elm – Suicune
  • Goreson – Machamp
Japan Qualifiers
  • APOLLO – Gengar
  • Messa – Charizard
  • Mikukey – Chandelure
  • Itou – Gardevoir

But with four qualifiers from each region, that means only 12 players have earned the right to compete. Who will be the last four to complete the 16-man tournament bracket? That’s where today’s event, the Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifier, comes in.

Watch live video from PokkenTournament on www.twitch.tv

UPDATE: The bracket can be viewed on Challonge.

For those that want to follow updates for Pokkén Worlds closely, you are advised to check out the twitter of one Alex Jebailey, whom is overseeing the LCQ and the Worlds Finals.

The Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifier streams today at 10:00 AM PDT as part of the Pokémon World Championships. For more info on the Worlds stream schedule this weekend, check out the official worlds tournament site.

Source: Pokkén Tournament

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