Dragon Ball FighterZ to have over ten stages & character-specific voice lines, according to translated developer interview

By on August 18, 2017 at 11:00 am
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A translation of a Famitsu interview with Arc System Works developers Tomoko Hiroki and Junya Motomura has revealed some new details regarding Dragon Ball FighterZ. Apparently, there are plans to make at least ten stages, and certain character interactions will trigger unique voice lines within a team or with an opponent.

In addition to sharing these details, the developers explained how Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Budoten for 3DS served as sort of a test run for Dragon Ball FighterZ, as the team felt eager to create a fully fleshed-out fighting game following Budoten’s completion.

You can read their full thoughts as well as answers to more questions in the translated full interview here. Also, check out Tomoko Hiroki and Junya Motomura’s interview with French fighting gamer Kayane.

Source: Famitsu via ShonenGamez