Prepare for Gamescom’s Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament with these VSFighting 2017 combo clips

By on August 13, 2017 at 2:00 pm
DBFZ Dragon Rush

With Dragon Ball FighterZ playable at VSFighting 2017 this past weekend, European players of all skill levels were able to get their first hands-on with the eagerly anticipated 3v3 fighter. As tons of information has already been discovered from other play-tests, a handful of keen lab monsters jumped straight into the playable demo and began pushing the game to its full potential.

You can see the fruits of their labor below, with players finding combos that use all seven bars of meter! Keep in mind that the build playable at VSF is the same as the initial E3 one, so some combos may be familiar to keen-eyed DBFZ fans.

GFAnBi has also posted some general notes on DBFZ as well, so give them a read if you’re looking for even more information. Gamescom is planning to host the first ever European Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament, so these combos and bits of info should stand you in good stead if you are heading to Germany for the show.

Sources: C_D_Clarke; GFAnBi; who_is_RAD

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