Turn up the heat with Kyo in this KOFXIV Ver 2.01 combo video from Persona Entertainment

By on August 12, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Continuing their series of combo guides for Version 2.01 of King of Fighters XIV, Persona Entertainment have set their sights on series protagonist and heir to the Kusanagi clan, Kyo. A popular pick even before the Ver 2.01 update, the latest version of Kyo has some serious combo potential.

According to Persona Entertainment, Kyo has to hit his opponent with the latest possible active frames of a move, so he has enough time to recover and continue the combo. If you master hitting people with the very last active frame of certain attacks, you can make Kyo deal some major damage. The 100% combos at the end of the video show just how hard this hot-headed delinquent can hit.

Source: Persona Entertainment

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