Furia Tica 2017 results

By on August 12, 2017 at 12:41 pm

A number of Capcom Pro Tour events are happening this weekend one of which is Furia Tica 2017, set in San José, Costa Rica. On top of being a Street Fighter V Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event, the tourney is made up of competitions for Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, The King of Fighters XIV and Tekken 7.

Well some strong contenders from the Latin American region will be competing, including Mono, Doomsnake, ElTigre and Gabo, a few North America players will be in attendance as well, in the form of K-Brad and Flash. Bracket info can be found on Smash.gg.

If you want to watch the action live, head over to the True Challengers Twitch channel.

Watch live video from True_Challengers on www.twitch.tv


Street Fighter V

1. FA|Mono (F..A.N.G)
2. Flash (Urien, Rashid)
3. Doomsnake507 (Vega)
4. VERTEX|andyenigmaCR (Ken)
5. VERTEX.STRIKE|ElTigre (Laura)
5. TCCR.NEM|Nano (Balrog)
7. ON|Gabo (Guile)
7. IAMTHEFINALBOSS (Guile, M. Bison)

Match Log


The King of Fighters XIV

1. TCCR|Ars (Andy/Hein/Billy)
2. ON|Gabo (Choi/Clark/Love, Clark/Love/Mai, Clark/Kim/Mai, others)
3. TxC.ON|Vicio (Leona/King/Mature)
4. KUSANAGI (Iori/Mature/Kyo)
5. LDS|esdiadu (Geese/Antonov/Zarina)
5. MADARA_507 (Nakoruru/Iori/Mai, Clark/Muimui/Iori)
7. ON|Joe (Shun’ei/King/Chin)
7. Gamerbeer (Nakoruru/Iori/Mai)

Match Log


Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

1. Abelcru (Leo Whitefang)
2. TCCR|ViciousCRC (Millia Rage)
3. Lenin
4. CTG|Webster

Match Log


Tekken 7

1. CTG|Webster (Katarina)
2. FA|Mono (Lee)
3. Knche
4. TCCR.ViciousCRC

Match Log

Source: Capcom Pro Tour