Prince defends his crown as Super Smash Con’s combo contest champion

By on August 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm
smash 64

It’s now become a bit of a tradition at supermajors where the original Super Smash Bros. is present to hold a combo contest. Unlike say Melee or Smash 4, combos in Smash 64 are much longer and almost always result in death, thanks to the huge amount of hitstun attacks inflict. Combine this with Smash 64’s items and wackier stages, and players can set some jaw-dropping combos.

Following on from the inaugural contest at last year’s Super Smash Con, this year’s event saw players from five different countries showing off their combo skills. All eyes were on Japanese player Prince however, who had quite frankly obliterated the competition at last year’s event and proved himself to be the 64 combo king. Prince uses everything but the kitchen sink in his combos, treating his target like a pinball as he bounces them off stage hazards and thrown items. Here are just a few of his combos from this year’s event:

If you want to see the entire combo contest, check out the entire video below. The 64 combo contest is always a highlight at any tournament it appears at, so long may it continue!

Source: VGBootCamp

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